Frequently Asked Questions


We are a team of passionate entrepreneurs, technologists, marketers, and data-geeks passionate about making managing insurance and investments easier for consumers. We believe that insurance is very important, that is, the right insurance coverage. Finding the right product is only half the battle, we want to provide consumers with world-class tools to manage their portfolio throughout their lives.

How are you different?

We believe insurance should be a woven experience. Everyone has different needs, questions, budgets, and goals. Some of our customers want to purchase 100% online, others feel more comfortable working with a licensed agent over the phone. Our goal is to help every person who visits our site get the right insurance for them, regardless if we make money from it or not.

Are you licensed to sell insurance?

Yes, we are licensed in all 50 states across all lines of insurance, our licenses can be found here. Additionally, ASSURANCE agents are licensed in the state and lines of insurance they do business in.

What products do you sell?

Assurance is appointed to sell many insurance products. Our most popular are the Term Life & Final Expense underwritten by Lumico Life Insurance Company that can be bought digitally on the site or over the phone.

What about products you don’t sell?

We partner with many carriers, brokerages, and agents to do whatever we can to find the right product for you. If you cannot find a product you’re interested in on our site, please write a request to the carrier to work with ASSURANCE.

Can you help anyone get insurance?

Unfortunately, everyone won’t qualify for every product for a variety of reasons. We’ll do our best though!

What should I do if I have questions?

We’re always here to help,